Waju- If U Wanna ft. Phantom Thrett (Video)

THIS IS AMAZING. Waju’s first time on the website just assured that it will not be his last. Excited to watch this growwwwww. Peep it!


Waju – If U Wanna ft. Phantom Thrett (Produced by Medasin)

Director: Dan Carr

Cinematographer: Arjun Prakash

Swing Squad: Cameron Dutra, Nick Roney, Doug Frerichs Props: Jeanie Mordukhay Arm Wrangler: Ed Leer Costume: Maya Sommer Edit/Effects: Dan Carr Sound/Set Dresser/Producer: Jackie! Zhou Color: David Torcivia Special Thanks: Bobby Moser, Spencer Creigh, Alan Michnoff, Erin Rauch, Andreas Attai, Sun Service Dry Ice, Jordan Haro, Ariel Fisher, Mishka Kornai, Jerad Anderson, Colin Moore, Natasha Seubert

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