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Today my guest is Cesar Zamudio also know by the name, Visual. A man of many hats like myself, Visual is a Hip-Hop artist, entrepreneur and educator amongst other things. We’re gonna get into his journey of betterment, and talk about how action and fearlessness equals success. And of course a dope Q&A session. Big thank you to everyone for subscribing, rating and reviewing the show.
1:19 – Guest Introduction
1:45 – Hip-Hop artist/Entrepreneur
3:10 – Learning all aspects of your craft and business
5:50 – Hello Hip-Hop Podcast
6:44 – Money Mantra Podcast – Wealth and Mental Heath
11:23 – Consulting, Giving Value monetizing it
15:30 – Don’t concern yourself with negative thoughts or opinions
19:45 – Becoming a better person
20:22 – Give genuinely, and watch your life change
21:53 – 1 step at a time
— Q&A —
24:48 – Daily Routines: Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualizing
30:18 – Life Hacks: Action and Fearlessness
-Virtual Assistant: E-Voice:
36:05 – Work/Life Balance: Work vs. Family
40:20 – Cliché but True
43:10 – Failure turned Success or Success turned Failure: Hip-Hop Career
46:29 – Ensuring action and execution: Being Mindful
47:47 – You can NOT be afraid to fail
48:36 – How life is like a video game
49:45 – Learning from mistakes and failures create successes
51:06 – Rules for collaboration and partnerships: Must be professional and prepared
53:55 – Book, Movie or Reading suggestion:
-Documentary: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dying: Watch FREE at
-Documentary: Super Size Me: Watch FREE at
-Book: Unlabeled by Marc Ecko: Purchase book or audio book at
-Book: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill: Purchase at or listen for FREE at
1:01:00 – Top 3
-Do not Waste Time
-Don’t Bullshit
-Must have Peace
1:02:33 – Contact Information: Visit Visual at – Social Media @Iseeitall – for artist consulting – for more on Money Mantra Podcast – Music from Visual at
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Peace to the #Kahleagues


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