Really Tho?!? Episode 38- Goal100 Testimonials


This is sort of a bonus episode.  It’s a call I recently hosted where you get the opportunity to hear from a few of the people who took part in the Goal100 program during 2017.  If you haven’t heard episode 37 yet, I suggest you listen first.  You can listen to this one anyway if you want…I’m just sayin.


Getting to hear from real live people about their experience being a part of a Goal100 group coaching call I think will be informational to you, but more importantly, INSPIRATIONAL to you!  These are regular people, just like you, but who decided to start living life on purpose, and take a step towards their dreams.  Their testimonials will let you know how far they were able to go towards those dreams in just one year!


I am enrolling for Goal100 for 2018 right now.  The enrollment ends Jan. 31st.  However, I can only allow 20 spots to open up, and they are already filling up!  Act now to get in with the special, discounted rates.  1st discount goes away this Sunday, Jan. 7th!  SO hurry up and listen to this, email me at and let’s get it!!!  I’d love to work with you, and help you achieve all your goals for 2018!!!  Really Tho!!!






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