Really Tho?!? Episode 32- 2Mex And The Lostpital


I finally have the one and only legend himself, 2Mex, on the show!!!


Perfect timing too.  On the cusp of his new release, “Lostpital”, 2Mex sits down with me to discuss his journey, and the huge challenges of the past year, and how he was not only able to overcome them, but turn them into success for himself!!!  He’s a good-hearted dude who has a lot to say, and deserves to be listened to!


Stick around to the end, where we end up chatting and telling some really cool hip hop stories.  the many adventures of L.A.’s own…2Mex!!!!


LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW! The convo is going on here:





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