Really Tho!?! Episode 14- Open Mike Eagle Is A Real Stand-Up Guy!



Today’s show I finally got to sit down with my friend, Open Mike Eagle.   I first me Mike Eagle in 2010 on the road.  Since then, we’ve done shows & songs together, and I’ve been a fan of his music and career the whole time. We talk about music of course, his success in his career, and his unique connection to the comedy world.

We also get into how our careers change as we get older, start families, and move into life’s different phases, and much more.  I really enjoyed this conversation with this dope musician!


Mike also agrees with me…Really Tho!


BTW…as a bonus, after the interview, I get into a little bit of my thoughts on nutrition and exercise for anyone who’d like points or tips on what I do.  Please contact me if you have more questions about working out, or anything at all.  You know I always keep it real, and keep it hip hop! As always, the first consultation is free!




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Track List:

1. Original Ideas- CookBook feat. Open Mike Eagle

2. Check To Check- Open Mike Eagle & Paul White

3. Admitting The Endorphin Addiction- Open Mike Eagle & Paul White


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