Pretty Fresh with Mighty Muds – Esteban Flores is Pretty Fresh




From the world of Ska here in the underground scene of Los Angeles I met this dude named Esteban Flores. We clicked once we met, we spoke about music, life love and became good friends. One of the youngest talented piano players i’ve met and at such a young age might I add he quickly became the talk of the town and instantly everyone knew him or of him because of his talent and kindness. On this episode we spoke about his life and how he started his musical career in the ska scene here in Los Angeles, California. Everyone please give a round of virtual applause to Esteban Flores.


1st Song: Mas Turbo – La Risa Del Diablo

2nd Song: Maskarados – Pookie

3rd Song: South Central Skankers – Ghetto Ska Kids

4th Song: Cafe Con Tequila – El SuperHeroe

5th Song: Matamoska – El Jefe De Ska

6th Song: Steady 45s – No No No

Introduction Instrumental: @Cookbookthepr

Shout out to Stay Illuminated


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