Mighty Playlist #1


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It’s my birthday! 10/21/2017

I’ve been putting this off for months and months and finally I said fuck it, here’s my October playlist of the most replayed song’s in my 25th year on earth. I hope you enjoy the music. Thank you!



1) Travis Thompson – Need You

2) Zzay – Late Bloomer

3) Viva Mescal – Top Notch

4) Ganesha feat. Zzay – Love Chemicals

5) Kiddo – These Things

6) Viva Mescal, Mad Macks, Dont Sleep & Killa Teck – Underdog

7) Intuition – Imagining

8) Intuition – Best Fool

9) Self Provoked – Tick Tick

10) Bambu РAs We Prey

11) Living Legends – After Hours

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