Episode 11 – Padilla Of Matamoska is Pretty Fresh


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AHHHHH SNAP! I finally got to sit down with my Triforce of friendship homie Padilla of MATAMOSKA. When i first saw Matamoska perform it was amazing! The lead singer was intense, charismatic, running around and just all around crazy dude, i had to talk to him and tell him how great he was and the band. Fast forward 2 years later I’m following him and the band everywhere and to every show. Fast forward 7 years later we’re here talking about stuff. Here is Padilla of Matamoska. New Matamoska album drops soon. Matamoska Documentary will happen!

Track 1: Matamoska – Cicatriz

Track 2: Matamoska – I Turned Into A Martian

Track 3: Matamoska – East LA








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