Curtiss King & Oh Gosh Leotus – Summer Salt (Full Ep Stream)

What happens when you are a successful artist who finds himself, loses himself and then finds himself again? You get lost again… cause that’s the point. Curt is a man who has undoubtedly realized that the journey, for better or worse, is the point. Unafraid of arch enemies like Shame and Regret, he’s’ all in, in the best way! Completely committed to his own  (mind) movie, where he is the reluctant hero who must learn to love himself, before he saves the world. He plays the role to perfection. Leotus, to his credit, is way more Batman than Robin, creating a brooding Metropolis for Curtiss to fly through. On stand out tracks, like Rock the Boat and C’est, we hear Oh Gosh create a bizarro world of simple complexities and ice cold fires. “These dudes are super at what they do”…. is what I’m trying to say. Or something. Peep it.

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Curtiss King & Oh Gosh Leotus

1. Summer Salt Intro ft. KiT (0:00)
2. Who You Talkin To? (2:54)
3. My Money (5:58)
4. Rock The Boat (10:09)
5. Ghost (13:28)
6. C’est La Vie ft. KiT (16:41)
Curtiss King
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