Aurora Borealis – In The End (Official Video)

So, a few years ago, during Platform Collection’s humble beginnings, we rolled heavy with an artist by the name of Miss Char. Talented beyond her years, Char’s time, to us, seemed short lived. We’ve grown up since then. We’ve learned that timing is everything!! 2018 brings us a reimagined entity by the name Aurora Borealis. Miss Char will be missed. BUT…. A Bo (you heard it hear first)?!?! A Bo?!?!? She’s the life! This is one of the most refreshing things we’ve heard in a long while! Now a mother, Aurora seems set to blast off this year. Lets hope this is just the beginning of her galaxy.

Shot and edited by Exil Empire

Prod. by Canis Major

Mixed and mastered by Nogenre


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