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The Soul Providers are a funky poetic duo from Southgate who have become the wry Buddhas of the East of the River network, providing top notch lyricism, visuals and more. I recently got into their whole discography and wanted to recommend it to the world but I thought for this piece instead of rambling about it myself I could get quotes about different albums from members of the EOTR network- enjoy!


Soul Cal 


 Mighty Muds One: We didn’t know what we were doing. We just recorded what felt like a good amount of songs for each project. That’s why we always call it “projects”.




Bus Stop Blues



Drastik: I’ll go with bus stop blues. Thoughtso is a beast

Plus the live performances 4 bus stop blues are dope



Mad Macks: It’s prolly the bus stop blues.

It’s smooth; an easy listen…and my favorite track from them is on there



Ashes 2 Ashes




Vile: Ashes 2 ashes is a mix of emotions and concepts laced on a variety of Boom bap-esque melodies



The Love Notes

Kiddo: It’s a cross between Love Notes and Sol, super hard to choose between the two because Love Notes is so well put together conceptually and sonically. The samples are great and Vile is on point with every song, mixing great writing with humor and narrative. Sol is an all around classic in my opinion. The beats and samples are incredible and you can hear the progression in their whole sound and style. I feel like that whole record completely encompasses their roots, lifestyle and presence all around.






Zzay: Sol is my favorite because it reminds me of summers bbqing im south gate. The kind of summers you’d grill carne asada, all of your tias and tios come over, you bump Chente and such.Sol is chicano nostalgia.





Hollow Visions: I’m gonna go with sol

I’m a sucker for the Latin flavor haha





Mescal: I would say Sol cuz thats the project that put me on to Soul Pro. My favorite one will be the newest one they got about to drop tho, i already like it



Find all their work here.



Tristan “Tanjint Wiggy” Acker is a guest columnist for Platform Collection, staff writer for, youth hip-hop and poetry tutor, and member of the Inland Empire nerdcore hip-hop group the West Coast Avengers. Catch more of their work at, follow Tristan on Twitter @Tanjint or e-mail him at

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